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So many people have asked how did you get into this?  I have decided to tell our story.

  When we were serving dial up to almost 400 customers  the bottom line of our  books looked good, but DSL came to town then cable internet and that changed our bottom line from black to red over a short 4 months.

 The day it turned red  we closed our dial up and just served web pages and continued to sell and repair computers. For 2 years our phone rang with our loyal patrons asking us ok what's your next move, we want to come back to you guys.

 I had no real options until we were able to get Cable down 339 then I jumped on it. Thinking about the investment it would take to serve the countryside it was overwhelming. Price of equipment was outrageous.

 A few years went by and the market changed dramatically, bottom end prices were actually reachable for an individual starting out from nothing. So I purchased the cheapest equipment that I thought would work just to learn a few things. I served internet to 3 or 4 homes just off of small scale toys for several months, and it was real steep learning curve for me, knowing nothing but just having a burning desire to make it work.

This is where it gets funny, One day while my neighbor was working in his field, he stopped his tractor in front of my house, to tell me what was going on.  He said, why is your cable so much better,  mine is up and down all the time sometimes off for hours at a time, but yours isn't,  looking extremely puzzled wondering how he knew anything about my cable. 

He smiled and said well when mine goes down I use your megabea wireless.. Dumbfounded and awe struck that my toys were actually giving him service I replied NO WAY .. Then we both had a good laugh.

The next statement is what got me thinking, He said,  put your antenna up there on that tower and just see how far you can go, because I know there is a need for it and I know you can make it work!

I decided that if he had that kind of faith in me, then maybe he was right, maybe I could make it work!

 I done some homework and research to find a good mentor and begged for training and here we are.

  I want to thank everyone that uses Megabea Wireless Internet!



June 2010

 all the equipment has been ordered and we are waiting for the tower climber to hang the access point and then we will configure the radios and run some tests

July 2010

  all the radios have been configured and we ran the few tests that are possible, The next step will be a straight up learning curve for me as I will go through the needed training of how to configure the client side radios and properly install them

July 5

I have added a few client radios to the access point just so I can see how the equipment is going to work and get an understanding of what normal is supposed to be

July 10

  Word of mouth is never to be underestimated, my telephone is ringing quite a bit. Took the advise of several different providers from reading web logs, I have downloaded a service contract and will get it revised to reflect what is required for my hobby.

July 22

  Found that a set up takes 4 hours if you don't have any issues at all , a few have happened in less but only a few

Decided to hang a few signs, so looking for some good places with high traffic in the areas that have been requesting service

more issues today with our cable feed it keeps going down and we are loosing service regularly

July 25

 I have been getting so many calls for service that cant see tower #1 there is definitely a need for tower #2

July 30.

 At last I have secured a sight to put a second tower

August 15

 Tower #2 is about to go into service, we have an issue with trees at the tower location....

August 20

Tower #2 is ready for customers

August 22

 Glad I have not had a chance to add any customers to the 2nd tower as we have some radio issues out there. On my next day off we will go out and replace and realign the antennas

August 28

 Even though wind was an issue we managed to get the equipment replaced and realigned today and its a good thing too as several have called wanting on this new AP.

Sept 10

 Multiple issues have plagued us today cable has been on and off like a light switch and the for an unknown reason ping times are sky high and data throughput is almost none, trying to get support from several different directions.

Sept 12

  The cable is fixed, and now I am on a hunt for what ever is flooding the network.

I have been advised that I should always take a contract to the customer when i set them up, which I have not been doing, I just forget to print more when the laptop bag runs out, but I have it posted here so that if I don't have 1 on me, we can print it at the customers home. :) :)


our  billing office is keeping them on file, and she has  mailed a preprinted agreement to everyone that has not sent us one for our files.

September 15

  Found the issue, at last! several computers on the network were infected with different multiple virus and spyware, not only were the customers glad that I found the problems, but so am I. all is normal for now.

September 16

  Cable is giving us fits again up then down. this is not good

September 17

 Several customers on tower #2 all is good.

September 25

 Still adding customers but it has slowed down some, I have found the next place that would be good to put another AP, i have had several calls that cant see 1, 2, or 3. I have the home located I just need to find out who lives there

October 10

 Cable feed is giving us fits again, it seems to plague us with disconnects, which tragically the end user 1 small glitch and 35 lose internet, not good . Had our contract reviewed a few days ago, and it is available to put into service.

October 25

 well just adding 1 or 2 per week, but i have now found out who owns the location for tower #4, and he is all for it, so tower is ordered and a date is set for construction.

Nov 5     I must make a special thanks to all the help with making this tower erection a success, you guys know how to get a job done! Thank you so much! and you made it appear to be fun, not like work at all. This so cool!

 Tower #4 is in service and it has already got a waiting list for service. I need more days off. Who knew when I started a hobby like, this what it would turn into, who knew.. is all I can say.

Nov 15

 We have had a bad time with file sharing or viruses, not just sure which, but it has the network to a crawl, I even considered the fact that I may be getting hacked some how..

Nov 18

Have a setup today farther away than I figured I would ever go, and I find it somewhat strange, I am adding customers farther away that have better service that a few up close. I have much learning to do.

Nov. 20

Didn't even get the 18th setup finished and the neighbor flashing cash insisted i come directly to his home next, finished that setup in the dark didnt get home till 22:00, but all works good and everyone is happy...glad I carry some extra spare parts!

Nov 22

 TWC.. modems are all going crazy today hope its fixed soon!  Started on AP #5

 Its not going to get a large amount of customers, but it will help 2 people out instantly and create a place for future people that have air card contracts and wild blue /Hughes net in service now.

Nov 23

Thanksgiving marks the start of my VACATION! WOOHOO! Time for everything but family and friends to be put aside for 10 days. Deer Season starts next week and i live in the woods!

Dec. 15

 Have added a few more customers, weather is not being "user friendly" at all, don't much like climbing towers at 5 deg. F and a 10mph wind, but thankfully everyone else understand that as well...ya do what ya gotta do..

I have been contacted multiple times from several persons that live in Luke Chute. I have looked at every possible scenario that i can even think that would work, and I am in contact with the bigger brother just to get some ideas or possibilities of how to get you guys service, and it is going to be like using mirrors to pipe sunshine into a coal mine. It's not impossible but it is going to be very expensive.  I have had 3 people investigate the scene, and they have made a common recommendation,  Have the people collectively purchase the tower and have it installed on a landowners property, and then the "community" will own the tower and megabea just runs it and the equipment. otherwise it will be a loosing proposition for many years.

Dec 19

 Wow My customer load is really shifty, all is good for just a bit then all goes totally whacked out..Network support at a much higher level has been notified and is looking into my network now. diagnosis will come quickly because this guy knows what causes what!

Dec 20

Simply another issue with virus or file sharing just tearing up the entire normal flow of traffic. BUT he also informed me my current radios are at %80 capacity, so it is time for an upgrade.. UGH! thats good and bad news all in 1 sentence.


To nasty to do anything outside so i decided to set down and make a plan to order the upgrade. Have several "Christmas Presents" to set up  I just hope the weather is nice to me.  other than the few things have actually slowed down some.

 Everyone is getting ready for Christmas.  Merry Christmas to all and to all  few days off..

Dec 28

 All the new equipment is ordered, and it will be here in a few days.

Jan 10

Well I have all the new equipment but now what to do with it, nobody wants to go 190FT up a tower with 20mph wind and 10Deg. F temps,, so i set and wait, monitoring the network very closely during prime time, it's PACKED SOLID!

Dec 29.

 Of course when everything is just about figured out and i have a good understanding on how to control traffic flow good ole TWC modems are sure to raise their ugly head..oh boy back on the phone to support...

Jan 10.  2011

Monitoring customer radios and seeing some strange issues I don't have a grip on, gonna call a guy that knows it all. lol

Jan 15

 Well the strangeness was due to a solar flare, I guess it bombards the earth with noise in the same frequency as we try to use. WOW who knew.. also learned a valuable lesson a day ago, a customer has a 2.4ghz  cordless telephone on a frequency close enough to cause several problems on his  network,  Took several machines off line today testing the network and  guess what,, when I denied this certain client service for 10 min my entire network would straighten right up ,,,, hmmm Time to build tighter filters

Jan 18

 Not a lot going, on have a bunch of site survey calls but I know where they are and its not going to be easy to make it work, if at all. Continuing to keep an eye on the customers radios and have already noticed a small shift in signal to noise ratio, for some this is not a good thing, most will be tolerable but if it continues it could be really bad for a few.

  I have had several persons ask me about the county wide internet service on the MARCS  towers, and my reply was I am not really concerned because after seeing how this works in my hobby, the design of our countryside, the lay of the land,  not every house is going to get service, I would just guess that even though it covers 90% of the county, there will only be 30% of the homes in that 90% coverage that can see a tower good enough to make it work, that still leaves thousands of homes without the ability to get a good useable signal, and when I find an area of 10 homes that are left out in the cold, these are the the areas that I will pay special attention to.

And I must compliment many of my customers that believe in loyalty, I have had so many say to me ... You took care of us first, and for that we will stay with your service.

Jan 20.

I  have learned a valuable lesson. In the fall when the leaves are falling and there is no sap in the twigs, is not the time to make a decision about useable service, because I can see a few radios in iffy places  going downhill,  this is not good for the entire network, a weak limping client station can cause problems for all.

Jan 30

  I have noticed my neighbor tapped his maple trees, collecting syrup, this warm snap and length of light has triggered a sap flow, I will need to keep a very close eye on all my bridges as well as customer radios, to see how the density of leaf bearing twigs will affect the system.

Feb 10.

 I have not had a lot to say, to busy trying to figure out how to get all my upgraded radios up and not get frozen or blown off the towers.

Feb 12

A blast of warm weather has made the sap really go to the top. and as expected i can see signals changing spring is not that far away.... Man I love MalwareBytes it never fails to find a pesky issue. Good and Current antivirus is an absolute must for the internet world today, I will never be able to stress this enough.

Feb  15

  Working on the new bridge radio setup, bought a tower today to mount the new bridge on only 30ft should be a piece of cake

Feb 18

Not a lot going on right now, the system is loaded, traffic is pretty heavy but sustaining the demand ok...new radios will be almost like starting over again with a new fresh unloaded system. I think that I have the majority of the reachable area already online so it should remain top notch service level for a long time.

26 Feb 2011

Got a few hands together today and stood a new tower here to hold the main bridge, this antenna is somewhat different from the others that we started out with and would really be risky if attaching it to the wooden roof, it needs steel to steel support for secure and permanent fixture. I am excited and the customers should be also, this upgrade should be just fabulous

26 Feb 2011

Made contact with the tower climber tonight, and we will be hanging new radios and a new access point on Wednesday, thats great, 2 days b4 my long break, that gives me all next week to change gears on all of the other towers, I am excited!

27 Feb 2011

set up 2 customers today and came back home to find our system plagued with a frostwire user. It was not hard to find because it pushed everyone else off the internet right befor it crashed the entire system, problem found and fixed.

01 Mar 2011

Well the antenna upgrade has been put on hold for a bit, our climber's hometown was hit really hard by flood waters, his computer store was flooded and he lost a lot of equipment, as soon as he gets his end back in shape, he will be down to finish the upgrade here.

05 Mar 2011

put 1 more on yesterday started in a sprinkle but it quit, luck for me it was fast a simple, have 3 site surveys to go to as soon as the weather gives me a break.

06 Mar 2011

Well it looks as though I am going to have to have a tower somewhere it the Palmer area, today I have logged the 10th request for service in this area, I am now on the hunt for the best place out there.

08 Mar 2011

Well the NOC bridge has been changed out, this will enable me to go to each tower and do an upgrade on that end. AP6 is in the planning stages, tower is ready to be stood and the radios installed, I hope to get it done on Thursday the 10th but we will see. I have to get the radios first, they should have been here today..

10 Mar 2011

Some of the tower parts are on back order. It looks like AP6 is going to be next week, Probably the 17th if the weather cooperates

10 Mar 2011

Well I do now have a commitment on the parts supplier, 2 very important components scheduled to arrive on the 15th, weather permitting AP6 will be inservice on the 17th.

10 Mar 2011

After the main bridge radio change out, I can see an improvement on the data being passed to the main tower, now I need to go to tower 2 and tower 4 and install the new bridge radios on each of them as well, It's most unfortunate that the weather is not good.

11 Mar 2011

Today i configured the 2 new bridge radios of tower 2 and 4. all i need is time and good weather. in the meantime new customers are calling wanting set up. at this time my list is looking like this. 1 new tower install (10hrs) 2 bridge change outs tower 2 & 4 (3hrs each) 4 customers with site surveys done ready to setup. 4 site surveys to do...

12 Mar 2011

Today I am seeing really high ping times, and a few of the bridges almost go high enough to reboot, I am thinking it is the wind, fortunately no radios are dropping off.

17 Mar 2011

ok tower 6 is up and functional with 2 customers already on it. put a 5.8 bridge on tower 4 today and took down the 2.4......we had a busy day here today, couldn't have done it with out Mannys help, we were bustin *** ..THANKS manny...

18 Mar 2011

Bea and I are going to tower 2 this morning and install a 5.8 bridge, if we get it right we will be taking the 2.4 down and putting the 5.8 inservice.

20 Mar 2011

The bridge is up and although the signal could be stronger the overal performance has taken a great leap forward. we will continue to hunt for better equipment, and reuse what we have already purchased on new towers we put up.

25 Mar 2011

well this is my last 3 days off to get some other WISP work acomplished, monday the 28th I start 15 ~ 12hr days in a row...UGH... dont know wheather to head into the work at full speed or rest up for the days out front....

28 Mar 2011

Over the weekend 26th & 27th I was able to hook 2 more customers , on the other hand I have a station that is suffering bad, it is almost disconnected from the tower, Bea and I are going to go to the customers house tonight, I have supicions of a tree being the culprit, we should be able to provide some temp. fix until I can get a day off to totally reconfigure the antenna location.

08 Apr 2011

I am looking forward to getting back into the internet mode. I have 15 days in a roww to work at the plant, so tuesday afternoon is going to be my first chnace to pay any attention to the new customers that have called, There will be more than enough to keep me busy with just 3 days off before going back to work

14 Apr 2011

hooked 1 new customer up yesterday and went to 2 site surveys that cant see any tower, went to 1 home to resolve general computer, printer issues today I have another apointment that is having email / picture sending issues, possibly another site survey and or set up.

19 Apr 2011

Well... I has been an intersting turn of events, I have been asked by a small group of people to give them access, its not going to be a problem, 1 Home has great service, SO up goes access point #7 .. My 7 day break is going to be quite busy, I have 3 known setups, and a complete new tower #7 To put in service, then 5 customers on the new tower..WHEW.. Friday morning...going to have to hit the ground running...

23 Apr 2011

Well I did manage to get 1 hooked up on Saturday afternoon. The weather has not been the best for climbing around on rooftops or up and down towers. Easter Sunday tomorrow, and then 4 dayshifts, so long break is just around the corner. lots to be done then..

28 Apr 2011

WEll long break is finally here, I hope to get tower 7 set up this week and several more customers, no if i can only get the weather to follow my plan.....

30 Apr 2011

WOW 48 hours and no rain..making good use of this,, hooked 1 up friday night - hooked 1 up on saturday afternoon , have 1 to set up on sunday afternoon ,and another on monday. Tuesday i will be at science camp with Miranda all day and then another set up at 5pm... doing all this and also planning on a new tower 7 going up on Wed.

01 May 2011

todays setup went good, managed to wait for the rain to stop and the sun to shine,, a bit windy but i managed...tomorrow may be another story...

03 May 2011

Spent the day at Camp Hervida 2nd and 3rd grade science day, it was a good time, the kids had a blast, rainy and cold,---set up at 1700,,,yep in the rain...but it was painless and went good. tomorrow we start on tower 7 I hope the rain hold off...

04 May 2011

Tower 7 is up and running, going to give it some "burn in time" will start adding customers next wednesday...woohoo!

06 May 2011

well 7 day break is over, and i am "ready" to go back to work, it will have to be a slower pace than this last week--"i hope"

06 May 2011

Ping times on tower 1 have increased, it's due to the leaves on the trees, 2 customers need to have antennas spun around to piont to other towers, this will fix the ping times, unfortunately it will be tuesday afternoon b4 i can do this. Time warner cable has had a dozen or more hits in the last 48 hours, this cause my monitoring equipment to reboot the modems, so there will be moments of lost connectivity to the customers, it hardly ever lasts more that 3 min.

12 May 2011

Tower 7 gave me an issue or 2 and to my UN-knowing I also had a bad part that i was trouble shooting with, so i was getting no where.. however after digging out all new parts i was able to isolate the problem and get the property owner back online, So it will be monday before i can add any other customers, at least i gave it time do it's burn in before i had it loaded with multiple users, "note to self" give it a few days not hours..

16 May 2011

new shipment of radios came in today, so there is a lot to be done in the next few weeks, Hooked 1 up tonight to tower 7, that is 2 total on the newest AP, word spreads fast, going to go into Hackney tomorrow and just see if i can make the trip back to tower 7.

18 May 2011

not a lot going on right now, don't like climbing around on roof tops when it's raining, have a new computer to build, 1 that needs rebuilt and a 2 more that just need some TLC here in the shop. so there is plenty to do inside at the moment.

29 May 2011

wow long time no entries, been busy working the regular job, not much time for the hobbie, but that has changed for the moment, I was called to a home to check for service and it was right beside a home that i was at a month ago, sorry not good enough signal , however there are 7 or 8 homes in that area that could all benifit from another tower, and just so happen 1 home is on a hill almost center of the other homes, Now if i can just convince this fella that he needs free high speed internet, I can see tower #8 in the planning

03 Jun 2011

well long break has come and gone, and even though i did not hook anyone to the service i was able to get 4 site surveys done, with good results i might add... so i have 8 or 9 potential customers just hanging waiting for the go ahead for connection. been busy all week working in the garden, deer plots and flower beds, has been a great week to be home and get caught up..

05 Jun 2011

Well last nights storm knocked out the power for 8 to 10 hours and the entire service was down on my end, back up and running at 0930 Sunday morning. 1st choice for tower#8 location was a no go, not interested.... but I wont give up as there are stiil options available.

12 Jun 2011

worked a week of days not a lot at home gets done on 12 hour shifts.. did manage to hook 1 new customer on Tue , didnt get home till 2300,,then up at 0530...UGH... 6/11 Tower 2 went down at 1030, and after many calls it was determined that there was no electricity at the tower, as soon as i got off at 1830, i went straight to the tower and powered it up from the inverter in my truck, i sat with it idiling to keep tower 2 up. at 2130 the electric company showed up and replaced a blown fuse on top of the transformer. all was good at that point tower 2 back up and tower 6 now getting it's internet feed again. 2230 back home and making preps for our 29th Wedding Anv. lunch/supper/whatever you want to call it, because it will be determined on what time i get out of bed and fire the smoker..

28 Jun 2011

well the wireless setups have slowed down and the computer repairs have picked up, the storms have been knocking out systems all over the place and I have had my share of the repairs 1 new setup is batteling trees in a bad way, but he knows it and is willing to get them cut. I just looked in his antenna a while ago and he seems to have a good signal now, so he must have been to the woods.

03 Jul 2011

Well July is here and several setups are in line for the first 2 weeks of this month, tower 8 is in the planning stages, the radios will be ordered in a few days and the tower can be picked up anytime

11 Jul 2011

was standing in the drive way of a customer configuring his radio, just a very light sprinkle...would have no problem working in it, WHEN lightening hit 100 yars or less away from his house in the woods, we heard a tree fall and saw the steam and smoke from the strike... it fried my cell phone in my pocket...an hour later the backs of my arms across my shoulders and my neck ach, not like you would if you got into 120vac... but almost like that...I can tell i had some very strong muscel contractions.... said me a prayer ...

16 Jul 2011

been a good productive weekend so far. have all my pipe laid out to straighten in the sun, have the track hoe operator lined up for the 22nd. finished a setup today and will do another tomorrow.

23 Jul 2011

still waiting on radios from double radius, the radio shortage has thrown be behind several weeks, tower 8 is on hold for now...

23 Jul 2011

ditches are in the ground, and pipe is going in today..

31 Jul 2011

pipe is burried and the system is back together, so far so good,, all is working better than before

31 Jul 2011

this transpired several days ago, just now getting around to posting to my blog. Tower 8 is slated to go up , but there is minimal gain from this tower 2 new customers at best. while i am still waiting on radios, I was approached by a different sight that has multiple customers that want on NOW, it goes against my personal belief of first come first serve, but in a business decision it is obvious that Kern road tower will have to happen first.... but again i am still waiting on radios..for any tower

16 Aug 2011

Monday afternoon Tower 1 took a lightening strike and damaged an antenna and a radio, both are being replaced on Thursday morning. This is the first time in a year the we have actually suffered a total downtime in any given area, we have had some temporary interruptions from time to time, but this hit took us out .

17 Aug 2011

the thrills of the unknown -- Wed. afternoon the equipment showed up. looked at the packing list..all looks great...look at the box,,right box ,,open the box,,,wrong radio...wow no way ..i say... I decided to hook it up anyway...well the radio was right, it just had the wrong sticker on it...wow...I didn't need the excitement...so although tower 1 is still active, the remote towers will have the other half of their bridge back in service.. 52 of 77 were without service from monday at 1300 to thursday afternoon..

18 Aug 2011

well the radio replacement went good today on tower 1, it was running by 1300,, I had 2 towers that did not come back up Christy road and on 676, Went to christy Road , and found that tower destroyed by lightening, The Bridge radio, is fried, The access point radio and antenna is fried, It blew a hole out of the battery back up and destroyed the remote roboot device, and fried the switch, That is every part in the make up of the system, after I looked closer , It blew a hole in the suppy AC power feeding the equipment, It is going to be next week B4 all that equipment can be replaced. UGH!

25 Aug 2011

Just as i get tower 2 back up and running at 8:30 pm Wednesday night plans to tower 6 at 8am the next morning, we had a major storm take out tower 1 AGAIN. that's 2 times in 10 days..well all the radios are dead. fried. almost all of the electronics in the radio shack as well. All the parts are ordered and will be here first of next week... we will persevere..

28 Aug 2011

so it seems the storms across the eastern side of the US has the radio vendor tapped completely out of what I need, fortunately I have 2 and my climber has the other one,"note to self" once the shortage is over keep 2 of everything you need on the shelf! Tuesday morning will will begin the repairs, we will be back up Tuesday night.

31 Aug 2011

not that the tower is back up I am e seeing errors of different types from other towers, The access point on tower 2 is bad, it is the only part of that tower that was not replaced, and i should have. customers are dropping from slow times and it will not even pass enough data to keep tower 6 active. I lost 3 very critical components , 1 in each strike, and they are all due back in today .

01 Sep 2011

seeing the towers back up and running are letting me fix smaller issues as they show up, tower 6 has an issue that will be fixed today, a few customers are not able to get online, i will look at them later today. Time warner has dropped 6 times in the last hour, calls ahve been made and monitoring equipment is in place, they will locate their issue and then my service will stop with the intermittent connectivity...

05 Sep 2011

well almost everything is back to normal, I am still waiting on automaatic web switches that reboot the equipment when a tower becomes unresponsive also I am going through every radio in my system and checking for firmware upgrades, which everyone i have looked into has needed.

05 Sep 2011

Time Warner Cable is up and down like a yoyo , we are being monitored and have been for the past few days, not sure what is going on, but it's not good. sometimes the modem will have to be off for a minute before it will reboot and start passing data.. but they are aware things are not just as good as they should be,

13 Sep 2011

WOW. thats the best way to start out. I have been so busy i have not even had time to blog about it. Friday the 9 I did 2 site surveys, Sat the 10 I did 1 hook up , this brings megabea wireless to 77 customers. sunday there were issues with Time warner cable and a cable at tower 1 , Cable at tower 1 is repaired and T.W. is bringing us a new modem tonight after 1530. I still have 2 towers to be set up as soon as i get the Radios, They have been ordered for months. Seems as the Tsunami in japan wiped out the Mfg. facilities that make certain parts that go in these radios, well, the entire world is on back order, but my request is in the list and it will happen sometime. patients ....hahah yea right

13 Sep 2011

1700 TW has the new modem installed and it has already made a difference on my end. Customers should notice a difference in speed tonight. In 2 days TW is going to bring me a new improved model of modem that they say will serve me better.

21 Sep 2011

added 2 more customers this week AND did get 2 of the 4 radios that i need for the next towers to be set up. time warner has been giving us fits, started last night and continued today. I think they are trouble shooting issues or actually rerouting the service, all our modems will drop traffic and the phone modem goes dead too. Tower 2 went down at 0930 today as there was a power outage at the tower site, I ran the tower for several hours from my truck inverter until the power company could get there and deal with the issues at hand, Thanks to Jay Pottmeyer , I am now using his oil well feed to feed the tower.

26 Sep 2011

in the past few days i have added 2 more customers. one to tower 7 and one to tower 1. I am told that my back ordered radios should be in by the end of this month, we will see. I have 2 towers to put up and they are 2 months past due.

11 Oct 2011

Time Warner has decided to try us out on a new style of modem, they think it may resolve some of our internet issues that cause us to drop our connectivity. As far as the wireless side of the radios, our system is working flawlessly, things are great up all the towers.

13 Oct 2011

Time warner has located their problem, An amp on the pole was defective and also a break in the cable was a possible concern, since this repair we have not seen a bounce in connectivity...all is good!

01 Nov 2011

just another week and all my attention can be refocused back to the internet, and I will pick up where I left off in late september. It was hard to not just jump on every request for service when they came in, but they are all logged and I will get to you in order. Once again I hope everyone understand that this internet business is my hobby and not my way of making a living, so when my regular job makes demands, I must comply.

24 Nov 2011

wow the last 3 weeks have just flown by. set up a couple of customers either in the dark or in the rain...not my favorite activity to be climbing around on a roof in the rain. but it's done.. tower is still laying at the next site.. if its raining i have the help , but when the weathers half decent i already have other commitments. on the rainy day I have finally got the wood boiler up and running , the deer camp is now a toast 74.. had it up to 84, but decided thats to warm lol.. heat exchanger for the house will be here on the 29th... but i'll be in the woods!

10 Dec 2011

well most of my travels are done for now, I am way behind on a lot of internet setups , still have not had the chance to get my other tower set up and running,,it's just real tough this time of year to get outside and work up in the air..but as many of these more pressing jobs are weeded out of the way, I will get out and get them set up, I have ALL the parts i need, I just need time..

22 Dec 2011

well Time warner is having a fit tonight, i am told i have a bad modem, I would think they would provide a modem that would last more than 6 months, I bet i have had 5 replaced in the past year and a half...

23 Dec 2011

1100 today modem is replaced and seems to be doing fine. we will see how long this one lasts, its a different style, bigger heavier business class should be able to handle the demand i am putting on it.

30 Dec 2011

well the end of the year is closing fast I have many things to do still on my list, but I seem to be knocking the the must do list down to only a few things and ready to move on to the really need to do list.. For anyone reading this , I have the 11th and 12th of January scheduled to put up my next tower at Ed Torness's residence, If U can help I want to be there at 9am...provided it is not raining... Happy New Year to all! this will be the last post of 2011...

11 Jan 2012

tower 8 is up and running, it's the fastest tower to up so far , thanks to Francis, Brad, Manny and myself it was functional in just 4 hours, I cant wait to plan tower 9 at Brady Lang residence, I hope to have it up on the 18th or 19th this month,,,weather permitting.

26 Jan 2012

well , due to overtime and weather , tower 9 has not happened yet, I am off this weekend and hope to get 4 setup's done, Long break is 2 weeks away, i hope for good weather.

31 Jan 2012

Saturday Feb. 4th we are going to stand another tower, that should provide plenty to do for the rest of the week long break. I already have 4 setups to do that next week

02 Feb 2012

I'll bring home a tower and gather all the needed items , we will be loaded ready to leave the house at 8:30am saturday morning.

09 Feb 2012

Tower 9 is up and running, made it through at 100 hour radio burn in, and am ready to add customers. This has been a very busy 7 day break. ready to go back to work!

17 Feb 2012

well I knew it was inevitable, The county run wireless signs have went up, SO we will see if he a man of his word and not step on anyones (Megabea & Te-Tek) toes .

27 Feb 2012

Well a lot has happened since I last signed in, I went to a Water board Meeting and they were very receptive to the idea of me installing on the tower in Morgan county, we will see how that goes, i am in the process of writing a proposal. BUT In the mean time I have finally got the permission to move forward on the Kern Road Access Point, I am going to start configuring antennas tonight, and get all my parts ready I will go to Marietta and buy the tower friday, I would like to put this new AP up Saturday morning If I can find the help and the weather is good.

28 Feb 2012

we were without electricity today for a few hours,3 to 5:30 or so, after returning, some of my equipment did not boot back up correctly, took a little longer to get to the bottom of things but at 7:15pm its all back and things look normal.

02 Mar 2012

So, deciding to let the weather make my plans, I am going to shoot for Tuesday at noon to go to Kern road and set up tower 10, this weekend and Monday do not look favorable to me..besides I have a long list of inside things that need to be done as well.

02 Mar 2012

Just found out that it will be monday b4 i can get the tower, so I am going to shoot for tuesday at 12 to meet here and go set up tower 10....55degress and no wind,, my kind of day .

17 Mar 2012

wel it's been a while since i have posted anything because my schedule has just been to busy. I have worked the last 10 days, and only 12 more to go b4 i get a day off, as of now it looks like Friday the 30th, I have 2 jobs planned , 1 in Marietta and then a second job building a bridge from tower 8 to tower 6, every day after that I have 2 customers to hook up , now the tricky part is trying to make sure someone is at that customers home when I am able to do the install. In the next few days Bea will start filling in the dates with names, thats the only way i can make any progress and have a sense of direction.

18 Mar 2012

today from 1 to 3 our service was disrupted by a glitch in the TW Cable equipment, repairs were underway as soon as we reported it, all seems to be good now.

07 Apr 2012

not a lot going on right now, everything caught up and running great, occasionally a new inquiry on the phone, looking at doing some upgrades later this summer.

01 May 2012

I had knee surgury today, so any new potential customers that inquire are to be given a date june 1 befor i will attempt any climbing. I can set on my tail gate and give instructions, but i refuse to do any climbing untll cleared by my DR.

23 May 2012

getting closer to the go date and I am definitely not in shape to do any climbing, still having some issues with steps...I have had 2 customers call and want service, which I am unable to do , BUT I could not have done them anyway as Tranzeo has a major production issue and there were no radios available at that time, I have them in stock now.. The only issue to date just happened last night..tower 7 went down, usually a power cycle will fix it all...

11 Jul 2012

No power from friday to thursday...6 days with no AC \ We made it through the storm with moderate damage, any tower that had a mast pipe was not good...removed the mast pipes and mounted the AP directly to the top of the tower ---we are all back up and running

27 Jul 2012

on 7/26 the storm took out tower 1 , all wireless service is down until parts are replaced...

28 Jul 2012

Mother nature is not being kind to our business, but we will take what we get a keep moving forward

29 Jul 2012

well we definitely suffered another lightening strike, only 1 radio was taken out but several other smaller critical components and several cables were destroyed--Tower 2 on Christi road is still down but we will go look at it tomorrow. Hoping it is just a power issue.

10 Aug 2012

tower 11 is in progress, but i am having trouble getting radios, tower 12 should be in progress as well , but with the radio shortage and me working a lot of overtime it tough. I found a home on the side of the hill that can see tower 9 and If he will let me I can create tower 12 that can serve all of Luke chute community.

22 Aug 2012

Tower 11 is almost done, @ Steve Huck's home. Finished a new bridge to tower 6, so now the load has been greatly reduced from tower 2

06 Sep 2012

tower 2 went down with the last rain storm we had @ 10pm Bea and I went to check it out, confirmed it was a bridge radio issue, but I don't climb after dark when it's raining..went back at 0700 and put a new connector on the radio end. all is good again

18 Sep 2012

several things have happened since my last post: tower 11 now has it's proper AP, so we are ready to start adding a few customers. I have added a secondary AP to tower 4 and reduced the load on the omni AP --split up some heavy hitters..all is good

15 Dec 2012

there have not been any towers erected or a lot going on, I have finally figured out why tower 11 was flakey, there is a large pine forest in the path and when it gets wet everything goes crazy, but thats all fixed now, all AP's have a dedicated feed , just maintaining in service equipment

07 Jan 2013

dec28..our TW cable went down..after reporting it at 11pm that night, the service guy shows up at 9am next moring.. he says the teck cant log into my modems because the programed information has all been erased...so they done a complete re-programing of both my modems,,and wa-la- it's back...part that gets me is why didn he have to wait for 1o hrs to pass before doing this.. why could he not see this and "do" this when i called him at 11pm...after is't all back up and running our telephone has a really bad static in it, well it was bad enough that it must have showed on their monitoring equipment because a week later we were down for 2 hrs again, but when it all came back up the phone was fixed too....

01 Feb 2013

for the pay 90 days I have been incontact with TW Cable explaining to them that we are having issues with the WWW ping times past TW own lines, this indicates to me that they have oversold their allotted bandwidth of their own backbone OR there are router issues as they tell me they only sell from point a to point b and if you having a problem getting to piont c, well sorry not much we can do about that.....ok,, i see this as a car sales man selling you a car and telling you that this car can and will go 125MPH where ever you want to go ... in 3 weeks you get 10 tickets you call the sales man and say hey whats the deal? and he explains to you that OH, well that is only on our roads that we own that U can go that fast...so you ask well which routes do i take? he says all we own is from the car lot to the highway.. can U say thanks to that...in the mean time I have been plagued with loose connections at towers, just touch the ethernet connection and it all comes back ----lost a radio on tower 4, have 2 access points sharing 1 bridge, so far so good. I cant climb in 10 degree weatehr with ice on the tower---- moving to another issue of lost connectivity --well low and behold! they have admitted that they can see some type of problem on the line causing a spike in ping times as well and they will build a case to have it investigated..well thats fixed now, but it took out our telephone...so for the last 48hrs our phone will ring, but when we pick it up the line is dead and there is no dialtone to try to place an out going call --making the second repair call today sometime... and this week is only 72 hours long at my day job...

01 Feb 2013

I spoke to soon----setting here watching the equipment, and i just lost connectivity--DANG!

05 Feb 2013

well my phone is now back online---wow what an ordeal 3 diferent modems.. but my internet service is screwing up again....what gives!

09 Feb 2013

well after 3 visits and multiple repair to the cable, by golly I do believe they've got it! monitored the service for several hours today and never did see the service drop off like it was before -- XXXXX keep those fingers crossed!

09 Feb 2013

well the cable issue is back , not to happy about that, but best we can do is deal with it on monday. UGH!

18 Feb 2013

well first of let me say my cable service is in need of serious repair, on occasion it will have problems for just milliseconds but right back to full throttle, but in the last week it will have 10Ksecond ping times or totally disconnect for 2 min at a time..GRRR not good for anybody..

18 Feb 2013

this is sort of SYFY for many people that don't understand outer space, but let me try to explain whats going on with the 1 POSSIBILITY is the solar flares that are causing radio interference. I must say that i was thinking to myself "are U nuts?" sun spots --really- until i started researching it, the Internet is really full of all the information, and it seems that right now we are in a very bad place in the 11 year cycle.. it does give perfect insight to me about what all my radio equipment is doing and how it is acting,, gives good reason as to why the severe error rates between towers and customers, it's like 2 people trying to communicate at opposite ends of the football field while the game is going on---nearly impossible --- read up ---solar flares --radio interference...it's starting to make sense now

18 Feb 2013

for $10K (thousand) dollars I can buy an electronic box that will confirm what the equipment is telling me ---?? hmm

20 Feb 2013

sooo tired of this intermittent cable issue, they have assigned a complete new trouble shooting people, 1 guy was here at 3am ...but i don't mind, what ever it takes to get it fixed there was an outage in Beverly last night, hoping that their repairs there may have helped me too.

28 Feb 2013

past 3 days tower 2 has shown a few issues, last night it went completely down, after investigation I have found that I need to pull a new cable on the bridge radio, We will be doing that today.

28 Feb 2013

new cable pulled on tower 2 -- MUCH better now if Time Warner could find their problem ALL would be good!

05 Apr 2013

The Time warner issue seems to be better, seems there were a lot of issues and not all of them local. good news guys! and thanks Still getting calls for sign ups, this is good! I just have to put them on the list and get to them when it's their turn. I have about half of the equipment for the churchtown install, this will be good for a lot of people!

20 May 2013

all my equipment is in for the church town install, tower climbers have been called to add the additional equipment on tower 1... all is falling together now.

01 Jun 2013

all the cat5e cable has been replaced on tower 1 today hopefully no more water issues, we also added 3 more antennas for the upgrade, new bridge from camp to tower 1, the new bridge to feed the belltower and a new 5.8 omni for tower feeds. Now I need to start replacing tower bridges and install the equipment in the bell tower

16 Jul 2013

well I still have not had a chance to get the Bell tower set up , but the word is out that it's coming. I have had a few calls wanting the up grade. In my own defense I worked all 7 days of my last long break and then we went to NY for a wedding,I have had 3 new set ups so those took a day each when i did get a day off so that eats a month from the calender. hopefully in the next week I will be able to get it up and running.

24 Jul 2013

Church Town Bell Tower is complete, it went very good, 6 radios in total. It was started on Monday with the help of my BIL Steve, today at 4 am I am I have just put the IP address into the control equipment. I 'll let it set for a while, b4 i start adding customers. whats's next? Hopefully Palmer Square!

09 Aug 2013

well it's Waterford fair time, and I have been asked to provide wifi for the fair traffic, along with helping the board navigate some simple file transfers . Churchtown is good to go!. I will start adding customers later this month or early september

21 Aug 2013

fair is over and the wifi went over real good. Thursday 138 users Friday 147 and Saturday 197. had a few people told me they had connection issues which I need to look into before next year but coverage was good!

27 Aug 2013

with all the new bridges I have been able to turn up all my package speeds any customer that pays for 1.5mb is now getting 2 and any customer that was paying 60 for the business package has been moved from 3 to 5MBPS 40 and 60pkg both still uploading at 512Kbps .. I have hung a few more access points to reduce the load on the crowed ones, and I am now starting to play with some 900mhz equipment non line of sight is good for hard to reach customers

08 Mar 2014

not really been that long since I have [posted to the blog, my server was hacked and I lost a lot of data...including a few months of posts... to catch back up ... I have 3 new tower locations that I need to get on ASA the weather permits.. and the customers are continuing to want on , so business is great.. I have a lot of good comments about the new upgrade everyone seems happy. today at 9 am the phone started ringing and that's never a good thing especially when working midnights...tower 2 went down and several had no service. after 3 hours of trouble shooting to find the missing electric, I made contact to the correct guy and he was trouble shooting oil well pump stations and had turned the power off to do his work...power is back on all is good except for 4 hours of missed sleep...

24 Mar 2014

business is booming things are going great, if I could just get the weather to cut me a break I have SO many people to set up and 3 new towers going up. I ordered the remainder of all parts tonight, should be a great summer!

05 Oct 2016

this summer has been turned upside down, a lot of my work has been put on a back burner, 3 new towers and 25 people that need put online, All of my time off has been spent putting up 2 new towers and moving customers of off tower to and onto tower 2 and tower 23 the original tower 2 has to come down at Schewedemans, not any way possible to catch everyone with just one tower so this has forced me to stand 2 to replace 1. It dont sound like a lot but it took me 5 years to get all those customers on and now i need to move them in 30 days. all in a time when i am working a huge amount of overtime. I manage to get 1 or 2 moved everyday after work or get up early and 1 or 2 before i go out on midnights I will be glad when this is done and over.

21 Oct 2016

things have come full circle. Tower 2 was the second tower megabea Inc. had put up, now its the first to be taken down. But it is on the ground and all but 3 people have service I am back on track for now, still several people want on, but i am waiting on radios

01 Feb 2017

tower 2 has had a lot of complications , several of the users have poor signals and not happy. I will end up putting up 3 total towers to be able serve everyone as good as i did b4. 2 are done now, 3rd i'm waiting on better weather 6 weeks away from getting a 200/200 Spectrum fiber connection and that will end the load balancing issues that are being noticed on the cloud core router

06 Apr 2017

we are on fiber 200/200 for about a month now and it seems to be playing just great Tower 25 at lovejoys is up and running for a week now and very slowly moving customers from the temporary setups and onto the perminate tower

07 Dec 2017

pretty much done adding customers, several have called and we were not able to reach them. NOT putting up any more towers, its just maintenance from here on out.

08 Mar 2018

the internet has rub just great for months, yesterday we had a whiteout , 35mph winds and major snow , in that storm I load 3 lost 3 switches 2 radios and 1 pingbox , all just from wind and static, Today i was changing a switch and a pingbox failed , so putting all that back together and the electric goes off here at the house, this has been a busy day. Had to get all this fixed and running because had to be at the school at 5pm to get ready as the band was serving the NFO banquet. time for a drink , and my chair .... done for the day ...

04 Jun 2018

just went through a pretty bad storm , lost 2 radios and switch from tower 1. Tower 11 has all but dropped off , used the new radios on tower 1 so now reordering to get a new link to 11 , tower 4 should be a better option now that I can use the small house that steve huck rents out as my base tower for 11. Going to be a pain in the A$$ moving all of 11 equip , but in the long run it will be better.

14 Aug 2018

the new bridge from 4 to 11 is awesome , new AC radios will move a lot of data, will consider upgrading several of my heave traffic bridges soon. looking at bringing on an employee to cover things while we travel , it will be expensive to train him , but it will be worth it later in my life. Tower 2 at Layne Potmeyers is being taken down, the radios are on her house and she does not have a tower, every time we get just 1 flicker of lightening it takes out radios , the switch, the pinbox ... tired of loosing money , its coming down. does not earn enough money to even pay the repairs to keep it running

23 Dec 2018

we are adding a new section into the WISP , taking on a partner. is a rather lucrative deal for us both and its a helper in training.