look at all the pictures one at a time, right click on the open picture and "save as" any picture you wish to keep

AEP Pictures Directory

AEP Pictures Directory

AEP Pictures Directory 3

AEP Pictures Directory


This is a you tube video created from the very same pictures, keeps you from clicking so much. just set back and watch.

AEP Picture Slide Show 1

AEP Picture Slide Show 2

AEP Picture Slide Show 3

AEP Picture Slide Show 4

demolition videos on youtube are the same videos embedded below

Unit 5 Boiler room demo

youtube video 1

youtube video 2

youtube video 3

Units 1-4 Boiler room demo

Youtube  Video 1


Unit 5 cooling tower and stack demo

both are the same video  


these are the the 2 stacks for units 1-4



Video by the company that did the demo:





Big Muskie      There are Many videos on this dragline on You tube.  SEARCH
















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